HALO Fleet Battles

The new Spartan Games Halo Fleet Battles Assault on Reach Game
halo template  (1 of 1)  Halo  (1 of 8)  Overview of my Covenent fleet. All airbrushed by me!  Halo  (2 of 8)  Another overview of the covenent fleet. Note this is the gen con version so you get an extra heavy cruiser  Halo  (3 of 8)  Covenent heavy cruiser, i got 2 because of the gencon deal  Halo  (4 of 8)  little Covenent corvettes, much bigger than their Human equivalent  Halo  (5 of 8)  The covenent Battlecruiser. Bizarely this is a smaller ship than the heavy cruiser! 
Halo  (6 of 8)  Nice shot of those covenent corvettes  Halo  (7 of 8)  The battlecruiser again  Halo  (8 of 8)  Last one the awesome looking Heavy cruiser  halo 2  (1 of 1)  And now for the human fleet - the big carrier  halo 2  (1 of 7)  The whole human fleet. Please note this is the extended gen con pack not the standard starter pack  halo 2  (3 of 7)  Marathon cruiser, lovely little models these 
halo 2  (4 of 7)  I do like the big Earth carrier, great model  halo 2  (5 of 7)  So much i keep taking pictures of it  halo 2  (6 of 7)  Last one of the Marathon  halo 2  (7 of 7)  And here's a nice close up of the tiny corvettes, these things are much smaller than the Covenent equivalent and not very nice.