Miniature Models

The various toy soldiers I have painted, all scales are periods, including plastic figures from board games.

15mm Biblical Ancients

New Kingdom Egyptian, Hittite and Assyrian. Mixture of Essex, Chariot Miniatures and Gladiator miniatures. Very old now. Not good models and not that well painted....

15mm Classical Period

NEW pictures of my carthaginians which I have just (june 2012) rebased for Impetus and refreshed the paintwork a little.

28mm Pyrrhic Macedonians

Most of these are Aventine metal figures with some Victrix Plastics

28mm Republican Romans

Most of these are Victrix plastics with a few Aventine metals

15mm Medieval and Renaissance

Italian Wars armies. French - Swiss and some Imperial - Italian


28mm Conquest Miniatures Normans, 28mm Crusader infantry and 28mm Foundry Vikings all for the superb game SAGA. Painted in 2011

ECW - Empress Miniatures

28mm ECW all figures from EMpress Miniatures painted by me in 2016

French Indian Wars 28mm

Some 10 plus year old pics of my front rank English and French figures from the French Indian Wars. 1 Picture of 8 Conquest Indians from the US. This last pic taken in 2012

28mm Cowboys

Old pics from about 10 years ago of our 28mm Cowboy figures. I now have a new collection of excellent Black Scorpion Cowboy figures. Pictures of these to come shortly.

15mm British Paras

15mm British Paras intended for Iron Cross rules

Flames of War - German

15mm Flames of War German Army

Large Models

Currently my 1/35th M14/41 Italian tank. Love Italian tanks in FOW, they are so cool and cheap, if admittedly a bit pants :)

Cold War 1980

Cold War gone Hot 1980 Western Germany

Sci Fi

Miscellaneous 28mm sci fi miniatures. Many games workshop or Pig Iron. All used in skirmish games not 40K


AT-43 miniatures. Therians and UNA


I airbrushed these for my good friend Steeve Moore

Star Trek

New Mongoose Star Fleet miniatures. Lovely models though with some casting issues

Babylon 5

Fantastic Babylon 5 models for A Call to Arms.

HALO Fleet Battles

The new Spartan Games Halo Fleet Battles Assault on Reach Game

Space Hulk

Painted miniatures from the Space Hulk game

Dystopian Wars

Spartan games Dystopian wars. Prussian fleet from Dystopian Wars. Don't play much so probably sell eventually.


Outcasts and Guild models for Malifaux. Painted 2011. Beautiful models.


I don't game fantasy, but i still paint a few every now and then


Painted miniatures from the Descent board game.